January 21, 2017

                The following information is as an example made available to show the Wyoming tax-payers and Legislature how to save multiple millions of dollars a year (up to $90,000,000 a year). This can be achieved by adopting methods to improve the Criminal Justice System, Department of Corrections and the Department of Family Services. Wyoming can invest a portion of the savings derived from these methods into prevention programs to stop future "unnecessary" spending. The return on this investment will range from $7 to $16 dollars for every dollar invested, with the priceless bonus of healthier, happier and more productive Wyoming citizens. The prevention programs include evidence based emotional education for pre-school and K-12.

                This is how Wyoming tax-payers will save money; the Legislature will adopt and implement successful, cost effective policies and procedures for the criminal justice system and for each of the departments listed above. In the first few years, a "necessary" percentage of the resulting savings must be invested into successful, cost effective programs for our children, families, schools, and communities. This investment will be adjusted to an operating level and will continue to increase savings each year.
If you are interested in learning more about these policies and savings, please read the summary and then further for more specific details. There are a number of sections that cover a variety of topics, this was necessary in order to get a rough outline for future development. Obviously some of this information is for the immediate future. If you would like to help turn the information found here into a reality — please contact your State/district representative and senator and direct them to this page with a supportive message. Please send a copy of the e-mail(s) that you send to the legislature to the e-mail address listed here

      If you would like to volunteer please contact the above e-mail address and leave a message. We are currently looking for volunteer office staff that can monitor the emails. We would like to have the ability to check how many tax-payers are contacting the legislature. We will also be asking volunteers to help get the "prisoners union" operational (See the "Plan"). We will use this website\e-mail\office to share relevant information concerning prison and social issues. The future scope of our union\office will depend on the expertise and available time of our volunteers. Cataloging tax-payer support and legislative response will be our first and primary goal. If you are interested and have a specific skill(s) to offer, please contact the e-mail address listed above. Below is an "initial" legislative contact list.

Judiciary Committee:
Senate; Chairman Leland.Christensen@wyoleg.gov Floyd Esquibel@wyolcg.gov LarryHicks@wyo.gov Dave.Kinskeygwyoleg.gov Michael NonFlatern@wyoleg.gov
Representative; Chairman David Millergwyoleg.gov
Mark.Baker@wyoleg.gov Ken.esquibel@wyoleg.gov  Marti.Halversongwyoleg.,gov Kendell.Kroekergwyoleg.gov
wyoleg.gov  Charles.Pelkeygwyoleg.gov Bill .Pownall @wyoleg.gov

Prison Task Force:
Don Burkhart R-Rawlins James Byrd D- Laramie
Dan Laurson R-Powel
David Miller R-Riverton
Kermit Brown R-Albany; House Speaker Senate:
Bruse Burns R-Sheridan
Eli Bebout R-Riverton
John Hastert D-Green River Stephen Pappas R- Riverton Jeff Wasserburger R-Gillette
Jeff Sanders Sinclair Police Chief Cooper France bank president Todd Peterson bank president